Important Announcements

Welcome to Makaylas Kravery Co where I strive to have an option for everyone. I offer Lactation, Regular kookies and edible kookie doughs.

Makayla's Kravery Co. Now has a store front in Hamilton Texas!! Please come visit us at 211 B North Rice

Lactation is made to order.

I do offer gluten free, and dairy free but please email me. I am not gluten free/ dairy free certified and that is why it is not listed as an option on my website.

These products are not made in a nut free kitchen and there is possibility of cross contamination, if you’re highly allergic to nuts I do not recommend you purchasing. Feel free to email my business for any questions or concerns! 

Eggs-Wheat-Dairy-Nut Facility

*Lactation contains brewers yeast and flax seed.

Please Contact me at if you have any allergens I need to be aware of before ordering or leave it in the notes at checkout.

I want to share something with y’all real fast.

I ALWAYS try to find better ways to better my Ingredients or get as natural as possible.

I try and find farm fresh eggs from local people around me (pictured above is some of the chickens the provide the eggs🥚-EASTER). I always try and use real fruits and natural flavors as much as possible.

I prefer using real fruits, like bananas, strawberries, oranges, lemons, and limes over using the flavored extracts that I feel give it that fake taste. When I buy vanilla extract I always buy the more expensive pure vanilla extract to give y’all better flavors. I go through so much, that I decided it was best to make my own.

No more quick trips to grab 5 bottles of vanilla at the grocery store for this baker here.

I am excited to announce from here on out, I will be using my own homemade Madagascar vanilla extract. I will be leaving the vanilla beans in my extract, so you may get a vanilla bean here and there in your cookies, doughs, or dips. They are 100% safe to ingest.

Again, I always want to give you nothing but the best of ingredients in my products that I offer.

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About Me

Hi, we just wanted to take a second to introduce ourselves. I'm Makayla, the Owner of Makayla's Kravery Co. I hand make all the orders, package them, and ship them all out on my own. On top of doing that, I am a full time mom to 3 girls, a boy, and a wife. Their names are Lillianna, Braylen, Arabella, and Henree. They keep me on my toes. My husband, Mario, he's a Heavy machine operator and he keeps all of our bills paid. That's a little about us, and we are so happy you are here.